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Closed for Labor Day

closedDocuTrac will be closed Monday, September 5th in celebration of
Labor Day. We will re-open on Tuesday, September 6th.

DocuTrac Thanks to Labor Day we have a long weekend to rest and have some fun. It’s a good time to refresh ourselves before the busy activities that start in September. We hope everyone has a safe, happy, and relaxing holiday weekend.

Importance of a BAA with DocuTrac

BAABy now, we all know the importance of Business Associates Agreements (BAAs). HIPAA and HITECH regulations require customers who take advantage of our live help, or who send their database to our Support Department, to have a signed BAA on file.  If you haven’t signed a BAA with DocuTrac, please go to www.docutracinc.com/docs/DocuTracBAAgreementFormE.pdf for a copy of our BAA, or you may send us the BAA that you use for your practice or agency. Email the signed and completed agreement to sales@quicdoc.com or fax to (888) 415-7939. Please include your email or fax number so we can return the BAA to you once it is signed by DocuTrac.  

It is important to never allow others, such as private IT companies and vendors, to have access to your computer without a signed BAA.

Brooke’s House, Inc

brookeIt has been a year since DocuTrac committed to supporting Brooke’s House, a new, emerging facility for women who are recovering from addiction. Brooke’s House, Inc. is a public charity organization operating under its own IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status.

A location for the facility has been acquired, and Brooke’s House is continuing to raise funds. To those of you who have donated or will donate to Brooke’s House, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your support of this worthy cause. For more information on Brooke’s House see http://brookeshouse.org/.

Audit Log Security Feature in QuicDoc® Pro

question cubeEver wonder who changed a record in QuicDoc®? Like Office Therapy®, QuicDoc Pro comes with an Audit Log that allows you to track activity in the program. All viewing of information, additions, changes, and deletions can be tracked. When enabled, the audit log tracks the activity, date/time, user, computer user, and name. The log tracks activities for Patient Information and for Documentation.

To enable the Audit Log, use the System Administrator login to log onto QuicDoc. From the Setup menu select Preferences, and click the Administrative tab. Then click to check the option for Enable Audit Log, and save the setting. Audit Log reports are generated from the Reports menu.

QuicDocFor assistance and for more information, please call our Technical Support line for Professional software at 888-308-9683.

Wiley PracticePlanners® for QuicDoc Pro and Enterprise

wiley Our August webinar featured the Wiley PracticePlanners® and how to set them up and incorporate them in your treatment plans and progress notes in QuicDoc. Easily adapted to fit client needs and treatment situations, they have over a thousand pre-written, clinically tested treatment goals, objectives, and interventions.

With a yearly subscription of $169, QuicDoc Pro and Enterprise users can access Wiley’s Treatment Planning content.

practice plannersTo learn more, see the webinar on youtube https://youtu.be/zG9JUE1A5hs, or call DocuTrac Sales Department at 800-850-8510.

Customize the Lists in Office Therapy


Pick lists in Office Therapy® allow for a more efficient and flexible method of organizing information. Office Therapy's unique system of lists includes Clients, Providers, Insurance Companies, and others such as tasks and appointments. You can customize these lists to display specific information that you need to have at your fingertips by adding or removing the columns that are displayed; by reordering and changing the sort order of columns; and by filtering certain lists that have filtering options.

Users with Master Access can create custom list formats and make them public so that they are available for all users. The option to make a list public can be set when a custom list is saved. Lists created by users without Master Access are private and for use by the individual user only.

office therapyFor information on customizing lists see Custom Lists in the Help file located in the Contents under Office Therapy Lists.

Free Drug Reference NIH MedlinePlus® in QuicDoc

medline MedlinePlus® is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. It is free and provides reliable, up-to-date health information on diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.  With MedlinePlus you can look up information on drugs or supplements, find out the meanings of words, or view medical videos or illustrations. You can also get links to the latest medical research or find out about clinical trials on a specific disease or condition. Best of all MedlinePlus is available in all the latest editions of QuicDoc. Go to http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ to visit MedlinePlus.

Like Our Facebook Pages


Last month we updated our facebook pages. Have you had a chance to check them out?

If not, here are the links to our updated pages: DocuTrac, Inc, QuicDoc, and Office Therapy. Like us on Facebook. To let us know what you think, email Sales@quicdoc.com

Upcoming Free Webinar

learningFriday September 23rd - Join us on Friday, September 23rd at
12:00 pm EST for a free webinar to get the most out of Office Therapy.
Ever wondered if there was something Office Therapy could do but you just didn’t know it or where to find it? I bet there is! Discover tools in Office Therapy that may help your workflow and save you some time.

For more information and to register, for this webinar visit the Events page on our website.

Wise Words

9-11September 11 is one of our worst days but it brought out the best in us. It unified us as a country and showed our charitable instincts, and reminded us of what we stood for and stand for. Lamar Alexander

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