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April Awareness Month

awareness monthThe National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month in April. Their goal in sponsoring the month of awareness is to reduce the stigma of alcoholism and encourage communities to focus on problems and issues surrounding alcoholism, such as drinking and driving especially among teens.

During the month of April, we also focus our awareness on other areas in behavioral health. April is National Autism Awareness Month, National Occupational Therapy Month, and National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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When a Provider leaves your Practice or Agency

securityWhen someone in your practice or agency terminates employment or contractual obligations, and you no longer want them to have access to patient and provider records, it’s important to make the provider/user inactive in your software.

If you are a Cloud customer, contact our Sales Department as soon as possible to have Cloud credentials deleted for terminated individuals. Inactivating or disabling credentials for terminated providers and office personnel will lock them out of the system and help to prevent breaches. If the individual had e-Prescribing rights, call DocuTrac to disable their account so they can no longer prescribe medications through your practice or agency.

LockoutAdditionally, if the terminated individual has access to other logon credentials, such as other active providers or office assistants, then those passwords will need to be changed in order to assure the lock out of unauthorized individuals. See the section below on the repercussions of failing to terminate and monitor users’ rights of access as required by HIPAA rules.

Call DocuTrac Sales at 800-850-8510 to have Cloud and e-Prescribing accounts disabled

HIPAA Breach and the Importance of an Audit Log

audit logHealthcareITNews.com, reported that Memorial Healthcare Systems (MHS) paid the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services $5.5 million to settle potential HIPAA violations. According to the article, “The login credentials of a former employee of an affiliated physician’s office were used to access the e-PHI on a daily basis without detection from April 2011 to April 2012, affecting 80,000 individuals,”

The Acting Director of the HHS Office for Civil Rights Robinsue Frohboese stated, “Organizations must implement audit controls and review audit logs regularly.” She added that the “MHS case revealed a lack of access controls and regular review of audit logs, making it easier for hackers or malevolent insiders to cover their electronic tracks.” For details on this costly breach, read the HealthcareITNews article.

All DocuTrac software is equipped with audit logs to track users and assure compliance to help prevent costly breaches. Reviewing audit logs is a necessary part of keeping your PHI secure.

Backing Up Databases

It's not optional” - All health care providers must securely back up "retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information.
Your data must be recoverable - Why else are you backing it up?" This is quoted from an article on the Healthcare Business Management Association’s (HBMA) website. Posted in 2012, this information is even more pertinent in today’s breach conscious healthcare environment. Read the full article titled The Truth about HIPAA-HITECH and Data Backup.

For DocuTrac’s client-server software customers, making a backup of your database and assuring it is recoverable is your responsibility. Professional software is equipped with a backup utility that places a backup of your databases on your hard drive. It’s important that you copy that backup to an external hard drive (off your computer) and at an offsite location. For Cloud customers, DocuTrac provides backups automatically as part of your service.

Attend our free webinar session on Disaster Recovery and Backup on Friday April 28th. See the webinar section below to register.

Privacy & Security Training Games

securityThe Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has provided two useful web-based training games on Cybersecurity. They are titled “Take the Contingency Planning Challenge” and “Take the Privacy and Security Challenge.”

Test your knowledge of HIPAA privacy and security policies. Discover if you are prepared for a disaster. These games are a quick and enjoyable way for you to increase your knowledge of security and a great starting point for your contingency planning for disaster prevention and recovery for your practice.

View the Privacy and Security Training Games page on the HealthIT.gov website

Enterprise E-MAR

QuicDoc® Enterprise and Electronic Medication Administration Records (E-MAR)

medicationQuicDoc Enterprise now integrates with an advanced E-MAR solution that streamlines charting and workflow, and virtually eliminates dispensing errors. Using QuicDoc’s integrated E-MAR you can track medication inventory; automatically trigger refill requests; setup even the most complex dispensing schedules; and easily perform medication passes.

Receive alerts and document procedures that must be performed with specific medications, e.g. blood pressure. Also receive alerts when patients refuse medication or a medication pass is missed.

If you dispense medication on-site and use a paper MAR, now is the time to contact DocuTrac for more information on our integrated electronic E-MAR system. For more information, please call our Sales Department at 800-850-8510.

TPS Billing Service

TriZetto Provider Solutions® (TPS) is now offering a comprehensive, HIPAA compliant, billing service using Office Therapy. Because you already have a full-time commitment to your clients, let your billing be a full time priority for TPS Billing Service. TPS Billing Service can assist you in managing every aspect of the billing cycle.

  • Electronic Claims Filing
  • TRiZetto Monthly Client Statements
  • A/R Management
  • Claims Follow Up and Recovery
  • Financial Reports and more

If you are frustrated with your billing and spending more time on it than you want, then the TPS Billing Service may be the solution. For more information call 800-969-3666 ext. 2016 or go to http://trizettoprovider.com/A-Billing-Treatment-Plan-for-Docutrac-Customers

Upcoming Free Webinar

webinarJoin us on Friday, April 14th at 12:00 pm ET for a free webinar presented by Joe Nezezon from TSYS, formerly TransFirst, our partner for integrated payment solutions in Office Therapy.

Learn about healthcare trends in patient payments, the challenges of capturing payments, and how TSYS payment technologies can help you and your staff work more efficiently, more accurately, and more cost-effectively. The webinar will also include questions and answers.

For more information and to register, visit the Events page on our website

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